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Established in Lyon over 15 years ago, Evolutive is an agency specializing in the development and support of e-commerce projects. We support our clients from the definition of their digital strategy to the implementation of their projects, including the analysis of their needs, the design of their e-commerce website/application, and the monitoring of their performance. 📈💡 ------- Née à Lyon il y a plus de 15 ans, Evolutive est une agence spécialisée dans le développement et l'accompagnement de projets e-commerce. Nous accompagnons nos clients, de la définition de leur stratégie digitale à la mise en œuvre de leurs projets, en passant par l'analyse de leurs besoins, la conception de leur site/application e-commerce, et le suivi de leur performance. 📈💡

• Module creation
• Theme creation


Are you looking to attract more visitors to your website and convert more customers? We can help you develop and implement SEO, SEA, or SMA strategies to maximize your online visibility and business success. Our data experts dive into the data and analyze trends to identify opportunities and reach a more qualified audience.

Your needs are unique, our developer teams are too. We design custom solutions for your e-commerce website, whether it's front-end or back-end development, to meet your exact requirements and objectives. Our front-end and back-end developers are digital artisans committed to realizing your vision. Every line of code is a step towards code quality and performance for our developers.

The appearance and experience of your digital or e-commerce platform are crucial to attracting and retaining customers. We can help you with your e-commerce branding and brand strategy, user interface design, and commercial communication. Every visual element and every click is carefully designed by our digital creative experts to create an exceptional customer experience.

As specialists in web architecture, DevOps engineers, technical consultants, security experts, and Green IT, we ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our digital architects and DevOps guarantee the stability, security, and performance of your digital presence.

Are you looking to integrate third-party services such as Colissimo, DHL, Ingenico, etc.? We design custom PrestaShop partner modules and related E-Business services. Create exceptional experiences for your customers and optimize every step of your digital journey.

Focus on your core business and entrust us with the management of your digital platform. From strategy definition to meticulous execution, we are here to help you grow your business. Our agile steering and project management team is here to guide you, develop tailored strategies and help you achieve your goals. With Evolutive, every decision is informed, and every action is targeted.

Enrich your customers' experience with captivating video content and innovative media. Explore our 3D solutions and AR experiences to bring your products to life in an immersive way.

Are you about to embark on a major project? Does your company need qualified skills and dedicated resources? Discover our digitalfactory and human resources, an agile and flexible solution! Enjoy a 100% dedicated team to your company, composed of qualified professionals, from our wide talent pool. This team will be fully integrated into your team and work closely with your collaborators. A managed service tailored to your needs and budget!



Compressport 🏃‍♂️👟✨ An offer that adapts to the international market! 🌎 Selling online, regardless of the country, language, or currency, thanks to PrestaShop's multifront – that's the challenge accomplished by Evolutive in the redesign of Compressport's E-commerce platform! 🚀🌐💪

A PrestaShop platform integrated with the brand's WMS. ☀️ The challenge was significant – to meet a growing demand, increase online sales activity, all while redesigning with respect to the 'Les Tropéziennes par M.Belarbi' brand and its identity. 👢👡👞

Asterix's E-commerce: Itisautomatix! 💪🏻 PrestaShop is the perfect solution for Asterix's e-commerce platform and merchandise for Hachette! The platform was designed and deployed in record time on PrestaShop Hosting. 🤩🐗

Evolutive leads and sets the course for the deployment and maintenance of all Geodis sites and portals on Drupal as part of a global Product Owning mission to lead all deployments. 🌐🛠️

Best Group 🎁 A demonstration of the possibilities offered by PrestaShop extended by fully customized Symfony business developments designed by the EvoluTeam! 🧩🚀

The E-commerce Footprint for a French Brand. 🇫🇷 💪 Creating the PrestaShop e-commerce platform from A to Z to launch the online sales of the Empreinte brand. 🥳🚀

Soulet: A customizable multi-store site that goes to infinity (or almost). 🚀 Thanks to a completely customizable custom homepage and modular CMS pages via Bootstrap, the site offers total flexibility in layout and an optimal customer experience. 👌🖥️ As for logistics, the EvoluTeam has completely redesigned it to offer a custom solution, guaranteeing smooth delivery in France and Spain. 🇫🇷🇪🇸

PneuDeal, the tire specialist in the French overseas territories, has entrusted us with the keys to its e-commerce project. 🚗💨 The EvoluTeam has therefore designed a PrestaShop platform that ensures stock management by territory to cover Réunion, Martinique, Guyana, and Guadeloupe. 🏝️ And as the cherry on the cake, an advanced search tool makes it easy and efficient to find the reference of your tires! 🛞💪🚀

Maison Colibri 🍪🏠🧁 provides customers with a personalized experience and products with a fully integrated configuration and customization tool in PrestaShop. This solution also allows for simple and efficient B2B orders for businesses and CEs that are fond of gifts and special gestures. 🎁 These are the e-commerce challenges of Maison Colibri that Evolutive has addressed by rethinking its e-commerce platform on PrestaShop. 💪🏻🚀