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Since 2009, we excel with PrestaShop for e-commerce. As an evidence to our PrestaShop dedication, we proudly introduced 1Presta in 2014 offering top-notch support, hosting, and custom-made modules. Our clientele predominantly involves individuals who have migrated from competitors, drawn by the appeal of our exceptional service quality. Over the years, we've earned a reputation for successfully resolving issues and customizing PrestaShop solutions, even when considered impossible to overcome,e by other companies. At our core, we embrace an open-minded and impartial perspective , treating every client, regardless of their company's size, with equal respect and attention. This spirit is reflected in the high satisfaction levels of our customers, who appreciate our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service.

• Module creation
• Theme creation


1Presta is a PrestaShop support service that offers comprehensive assistance and solutions to businesses using the PrestaShop e-commerce platform. With a focus on empowering online merchants, 1Presta aims to enhance the performance, functionality, and overall success of PrestaShop-based online stores.

1Presta provides technical assistance to resolve issues related to PrestaShop installation, configuration, and customization. Expert support is offered for debugging and fixing technical glitches, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation of the e-commerce website.

The service offers custom module development to extend and enhance the functionality of PrestaShop stores. Integration of third-party modules is handled, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation with the PrestaShop platform.

Ongoing maintenance services to keep the platform up to date. Monitoring for potential issues and proactive maintenance.

1Presta assists in the customization of PrestaShop themes to create a unique and visually appealing online storefront. Tailoring themes to match the brand identity and optimizing for responsiveness and user experience are key aspects of their theme customization services.

Assistance is provided in migrating data from other e-commerce platforms to PrestaShop. Support for upgrading PrestaShop to the latest versions ensures that merchants can benefit from new features and security patches.

We provide tailor-made hosting for your PrestaShop. Our dedicated server boasts immense performance and is strategically located in the heart of the European internet, housed in one of the largest data centers in France on the OVH network. OVH specialists manage the hardware and connectivity, while our Linux specialist oversees the software and service operations. This means the server is under dual 24/7 supervision, ensuring a robust hosting environment for your PrestaShop."

The service provides training sessions for merchants and their teams to effectively manage and operate PrestaShop stores. Comprehensive documentation is available to assist users in understanding the platform's features and making the most out of its capabilities.

The service focuses on optimizing the performance of PrestaShop stores, ensuring fast page load times and smooth navigation. Performance audits are conducted, and recommendations are provided to enhance the website's speed and responsiveness.

1Presta offers consultation services to help businesses devise effective e-commerce strategies using PrestaShop. Expert advice on optimizing workflows, increasing conversions, and staying competitive in the online market is provided.


Revolutionizing E-commerce for Kostka Scooter Company We're excited to unveil our great achievement: a fully customized e-commerce platform for Kostka Scooter Company. Explore personalized scooters and accessories seamlessly integrated with their accounting and information systems. Elevate your shopping experience today!

Custom PrestaShop Development for Havlíkova Apoteka We're thrilled to announce our successful collaboration with Havlíkova Apoteka, where we've programmed tailored features and modules for their PrestaShop platform. Enhancing user experience and efficiency, we've crafted a seamless and personalized online pharmacy experience.

PrestaShop Modules for Focus Optik We've engineered exclusive PrestaShop modules for Focus Optik, enhancing their e-commerce capabilities. These custom modules promise an elevated online shopping experience, reflecting our commitment to innovation.

Unleashing PrestaShop Excellence for České Dráhy Fans. We're excited to share that we are crafting a bespoke PrestaShop solution packed with features and modules tailored exclusively for České Dráhy, the national railway company of the Czech Republic. Elevate your online shopping experience and immerse yourself in a world of customized functionalities designed for the passionate supporters of České Dráhy. Stay tuned for a seamless and feature-rich platform!

We have developed a customized PrestaShop solution specifically designed for LePatio. In addition to this, we seamlessly incorporated CMS pages into the platform, enhancing its functionality and providing a comprehensive online presence for the business.