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With us you will find various specializations, all based on the PrestaShop platform. From building a basic webshop to a highly developed custom webshop. Up to and including integrations with various ERP, POS or CMS systems, module development or theme design. We also provide hosting, domain name registration and SSL certificates. In short, everything you need for a successful online store. Whether this is B2C or B2B, or you work from a physical store with a cash register system, through our years of experience we have sufficient knowledge in almost every area to build a successful webshop for you. For inspiration, take a look at our portfolio or contact us via our website, email or telephone.

• Module creation
• Payment module creation
• Shipping module creation
• Theme creation


PrestaShop is the platform, or Content Management System, for a good and stable webshop. This CMS offers a safe and stable basis to design and develop a professional and successful webshop. Although the package offers many options, additions and options, PrestaShop has managed to keep the package flexible. There are many modules available that can add extra functionalities to your PrestaShop webshop. And if a functionality is not yet available in the form of a module, it is possible to have it custom developed by us. There are also no visual limitations. Your corporate identity can be seamlessly implemented within your webshop. No webshop is the same and in addition to identity, it is about functionality and especially ease of use. A webshop is never finished because it can always be improved. Time does not stand still and neither do developments, of course. That is why we like to work closely with you to be and remain successful online. Because it is so versatile, we would like to develop PrestaShop together with you. A few examples of what we have developed for our customers over time can be found in our portfolio.

PrestaShop has hundreds of different modules and all these PrestaShop modules have their own functionality. As a recognized PrestaShop EXPERT, Adeko is closely connected to and aware of the developments of these modules. Are you looking for a specific functionality and do you want it implemented in your webshop? Or are you experiencing problems with already installed modules? Can't update? We are happy to help and advise you. Contact us to find out what we can do for you. Of course, modules can also be custom developed for you. The possibilities in this area vary considerably. Sometimes the existing modules are just not what you are looking for or need. You are looking for a bit of extra functionality or because your webshop has been developed so far, a module no longer works the way you want it to. As a specialist in the field of PrestaShop, we are of course also happy to assist you with developing modules. Whether it concerns the further development of an existing module or the completely new development of modules. Since the arrival of PrestaShop 8, everything works slightly differently. Where you could previously easily add functionalities using overrides, almost all of this now has to be solved with modules. As a recognized PrestaShop EXPERT of PrestaShop, we have been closely involved in the development of this latest version of PrestaShop. Partly because of this, we have gained the necessary experience in this new way of working. We have a number of standard modules on the shelf, allowing us to offer the necessary solutions at relatively low costs. Do you want to know whether we can also integrate these modules into your webshop or do you want to have a new module developed? Please contact us.

Having a webshop is not enough, but we don't have to explain that to you. In addition to marketing, storage and other matters, you also need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package or a Product Information Management (PIM) system. We offer you the opportunity to develop a connection for these types of systems, among other things. This is usually done using REST APIs or XML feeds. That sounds very complicated in some cases, but in essence it is nothing more than copying the entered information from one side to the appropriate field in PrestaShop. So if you are looking for a link for PrestaShop web shops, we can help you with this.

Being able to easily sell your products on web shops such as and sounds tempting. This is of course also very interesting, but it can also be quite expensive. You must pay fees to the marketplace and also have a subscription with parties that facilitate the connection between your shop and the marketplace. You pay for this depending on the number of products you offer or how much marketplace you want to use. This is worth it for some, but not for others. We would be happy to talk to you to see what Adeko can do for you. As a PrestaShop partner, we know better than anyone what the possibilities are and we are happy to share this knowledge with you.

Running a webshop based on the PrestaShop content management system properly requires, in addition to a beautiful design and optimized development, specific hosting. So PrestaShop hosting. As a 3-star PrestaShop EXPERT, we know exactly what is needed to keep the webshop running optimally. We have servers that are specifically designed for PrestaShop. This gives your customer the best possible experience on your webshop. Which ultimately has a positive effect on the conversion and, if all goes well, that will make you happy again. Because let's be honest, a beautiful webshop is nice, but a webshop that runs smoothly and quickly is ultimately just as important for the customer.

In fact, no website or webshop can safely function without an SSL certificate. Installing an SSL certificate on the website or webshop ensures that all data sent from the website or webshop to the server is encrypted. This ensures that the data is actually useless for parties that manage to seize it. In short, there are 4 important reasons to have an SSL certificate installed. Check our website for more information.

Domain registration sometimes sounds very exciting, but in reality it is really not that bad. You can register a domain name directly via our website. However, we can also assist you in thinking about a suitable domain name. Together we can see which names are still available and immediately record them for you. Of course, this is possible with all existing extensions, whether it is a .nl, a .info or everything in between. We are happy to help you with this and of course we will be happy to take care of this for you. You can also register your domain name with your own holder details, but you can also contact us for anonymous domain registrations.